Welcome to the home page for the CONSORT Bruny Island Battery Trial. CONSORT is an ARENA funded research project and field trial, which addresses how batteries can be used by householders to manage their energy while simultaneously being used to help manage the network. During the trial, 34 battery systems were installed in homes on Bruny Island in Tasmania’s south-east. Working in conjunction with rooftop solar generation, these batteries are coordinated to alleviate congestion on Bruny’s undersea power supply cable and to reduce the reliance on costly and polluting diesel generation during peak season, helping to stabilise network voltages within acceptable levels, while simultaneously enabling householders to make optimal use of their own solar power generation.

CONSORT is a collaboration between three universities (The Australian National University, The University of Sydney, and The University of Tasmania), electricity network provider  TasNetworks, and Canberra-based startup Reposit Power.

Final Reports Released

The final research reports for the Bruny Island Battery Trial are now available. The CONSORT team would like to thank all trial participants for helping to make the project so successful. We have developed and trialled some world-first technology, and have made many interesting discoveries along the way. A summary of the project findings is available in a Public Dissemination Report, to be published on CONSORT’s ARENA project page. In addition, we are providing the following more detailed reports about specific aspects of the the trial:

Lessons Learnt During Trial Deployment
Network Aware Coordination (NAC)
Participants’ Solar and Battery System Financial Performance
Reward Structures
Social Science
Commercialisation Plan