Participation Application Pack


Bruny Island Battery Trial Online Application (now closed)

Bruny Island Battery Trial Application Form (PDF) (now closed)

Applications for the Bruny Island Battery Trial have now closed. We will notify applicants if they were successful once we have finished assessing them. We expect this will take around 2 weeks.

Bruny Island Battery Trial Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is for anyone interested in the Trial and provides an overview of the CONSORT Bruny Island Battery Trial, including the benefits of participating and what to expect throughout the Trial.

Participation Application & Selection Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is to guide those that are interested in participating in the Trial through the application and selection process.

Privacy Fact Sheet

This fact sheet details how we will collect, use and disclose personal information throughout the Bruny Island Battery Trial.

CONSORT Participant Information Sheet

This detailed information sheet provides more in depth information to those considering applying to participate in the Bruny Island Battery Trial. It outlines what participants can expect to happen in the Trial, what sort of research contact we will have with participants throughout the Trial and where to direct any questions.

Presentation from information nights

This is the presentation that was shown on the information nights on 20/07/2016 at Hobart and 21/07/2016 on Bruny Island.

Internet information sheet

This is an information sheet which describes the internet connection requirements and some options you may consider to provide a connection.

Bruny Island Battery Trial – Authority to Act

This form is only for those people that wish to participate, but would like to nominate a third party to act on their behalf (as an example, for those that will be travelling overseas during the application or installation period).


The below list of Frequently Asked Questions will be continually updated.  You can access the full list via PDF by clicking on the link above.


Q. What are the requirements to participate in the trial?

A.  To participate in the Trial households must:

  •   Have an active connection to the electricity network (i.e. you cannot be off grid);
  •   Be connected to the southern Bruny feeder (you can check this at;
  •   Be willing to install a subsidised battery system at the property;
  •   Have, or be willing to install, a subsidised solar system at the property; and
  •   Have, or be willing to connect to, a reliable always on, internet service.

Please refer to the Participation Application and Selection Fact Sheet for more information, including a map showing the eligible areas of Bruny Island.

Q. I am a landlord / tenant, can I still participate?

A. Yes, however we will require signed agreements with both the homeowner and the tenant.

Q. I am planning on connecting to the electricity network soon. Can I participate?

A. Yes, providing you meet all other eligibility criteria and commit to installing your battery system before your letter of offer expires.

Q. I am off-grid. Can I get a subsidy?

A. Not unless you intend on connecting to the electricity network. You must have a connection to the electricity network to participate.

Q. I don’t have a solar system, can I participate?

A. Yes, the subsidy will cover a portion of both the installation of solar and the battery system.

Q. I already have a solar system, can I participate?

A. Yes, the subsidy can be used to upgrade an existing solar system and install the battery

Q. Why do I need an internet connection to participate?

A. We will request the battery to act to support the network using your internet connection. Similarly you will be provided data on how your system is operating and your energy usage using data acquired from the battery over the internet.

Q. What type of internet connection do I need to have?

A. We require an internet connection that is active all the time, even when you are not home. This means that portable internet connections such as your mobile phone or ‘pocket Wi-Fi’ devices are not sufficient. If you do not currently have a permanent internet connection, you can still apply, but you will need to ensure it is connected before your battery system is installed.

Q. Is there a preference for permanent residences or holiday homes?

A. Both permanent residences and holiday homes are eligible, providing all other criteria are met. The preference is for households that are occupied at least part-time (around 3 nights per week).

Q. Can businesses participate in this trial?

A. Business are not excluded from applying, however the first preference will be given to residences.

Application & Selection Process

Q. How do I apply to access the subsidy and participate in the Trial?

A. The Bruny Island Battery Trial Participation Application and Selection Fact Sheet will guide you through the application process.

Q. I am not sure I want to participate or if am eligible, should I apply?

A. We encourage everyone who is interested to apply. If you change your mind after applying, you are not obligated to proceed – even if we send a letter of offer to you, you may withdraw at any time prior to the system being installed at your property.

Q. When do applications open?

A. Applications will open Wednesday 20 July 2016. Applications can be completed and returned to us by mail or submitted online at

Q. When do applications close?

A. Applications close Friday 26 August 2016.

Q. How will participating households be selected?

A. Eligible applications will be grouped in order of preference; with our first preference for households that are occupied for a minimum of three nights per week. If the number of applications received exceeds the number of spaces available, a ballot process will be conducted by an independent body. Should further spaces in the Trial become available after the initial offers are made, all previously unsuccessful applications will be considered as part of a second ballot.

Q. When will I know if I have been selected or not?

A. We intend on sending out the first round of the letters in the beginning of September 2016. Should further spaces in the Trial become available after the initial offers are made, all previously unsuccessful applications will be considered as part of a second ballot.

Q. What happens if I am selected and receive a letter of offer?

If you are selected to participate in the Trial, you will receive a letter of offer including detailed information about what you will be required to do throughout the Trial and an agreement which will set out the terms and conditions of participating in the Trial should you choose to proceed. You will also receive a list of installers and instructions on how to access the subsidy and have your battery storage system installed. You can find more information about this process at

Subsidy / Householder Contribution

Q. Will I need to pay anything to participate in the Trial?

A. If selected, you will be required to pay a contribution towards the solar/battery installation. You will own the entire system and will benefit from its solar generation and battery storage, even after the Trial ends. You will decide what you install and this will determine how much you are required to pay. You can discuss this with your installer to work out what is the best system for you. On average, we expect the householder contribution on a standard system to be approximately $3,000 – $5,000 (depending on the size of the system installed) with the remainder covered by the subsidy. The minimum contribution required will be $2,000 per household.

Q. How much subsidy will I receive?

A. The amount of subsidy you get will depend on the type and size of the system you install. The subsidy will be capped at a maximum of $17,000 per household.

Q. How long will it take before the system pays for itself?

A. For an average household installing an average system, we expect that the payback period will be around 2 – 6 years. This will be highly variable, depending on each household’s particular circumstances and the system installed. You can discuss this with your installer to make sure you choose the system that is right for you. You will also be paid a network support payment whenever we use the electricity stored in your battery. We expect these payments to total approximately $30 to $150 per year.

Q. Can I pay off my contribution?

A. You will pay your contribution to your system installer and you will need to discuss how you pay directly with them. Your required contribution will depend on the system you install. If you are selected and decide that you do not wish to proceed after discussing the options available to you with your installer, you are not obligated to continue with the installation. You may withdraw at any time prior to the system being installed at your property.

Technical / System Installation

Q. The wiring in my house is in poor condition, will the subsidy cover fixing it?

A. No, the subsidy will not cover rectifying substandard wiring. Your installer may be able to bring your wiring up to standard, however this will be at your cost.

Q. Will my battery supply me with back-up power during outages?

A. A standard battery system will not supply your house during a blackout. Some battery systems do provide back-up in the event of power outages. You can discuss this with your installer, but this option is likely to increase the contribution you will be required to pay for your system.

Q. Will you use my battery to supply others during outages?

A. No, the purpose of the batteries is to reduce the load during peak times and TasNetworks are unable to access any power stored in your battery during an outage. You may choose to install a battery that will allow you to supply your own house in the event of a power outage. This is not a standard function of most battery systems and you will need to talk to your installer if this is important for you.

Q. How big are the batteries?

A. Most standard residential batteries are smaller than a fridge. They may be indoor or outdoor approved. You can discuss the size and location of the batteries with your installer.

Q. Will you maintain the system installed?

A. We will not maintain the solar or battery systems installed as part of this Trial. The subsidy is designed to assist you in purchasing and installing the system. You will own and be responsible for any ongoing maintenance of the system.


Q. I am on the Legacy (grandfathered) Feed-in-Tariff. Will I keep this if I participate?

A. The Legacy Feed-in-Tariff expires on 31 December 2018. If you increase the capacity of your system (by installing additional solar generation) you will no longer be eligible for the legacy feed in tariff. If you simply install a battery (without additional solar generation) you may be able to retain your legacy feed in tariff in some cases. You will not make a financial return on your battery with the legacy feed in tariff as it works for you by exploiting differences between your retail and feed in tariff. With a battery you will also feed much less energy into the grid. You should carefully consider what you do if you are in this situation. Your installer will be able to assist you in making this decision.

Q. Is the cable supplying Bruny Island in danger of failing?

A. Our recent condition assessment of the cables showed they were in good condition. There are plans in place to maintain supply to the island in the unlikely event that of a cable failing.

Q. Can I control how my battery is used, for instance can I program it to charge if there is risk of a power outage?

A. This is not currently an option; however Reposit Power may consider adding this option based on the number of customer requests.

Q. What feed-in-tariff will apply to households participating in the Trial?

A. You will receive the same feed-in tariff as any other customer in Tasmania. During periods of high demand we may pay a network support payment to access the power stored in your battery.