Installers Page

This page contains all documentation for installers to use with customers for installations under the Bruny Island Battery Trial.

This flow chart shows the process an installation will take. It will also guide you as to which documents you will need at each stage.


Information on these stages and the points we need you to discuss with the customer is in the subsidy process and checklist document.

You should also be familiar with the technical specification. This is the standard we will be using to assess installations. This document also contains details on the subsidy.

Design Phase

This phase begins once the customer has received their pre-approval letter. In this phase:

  • The customer will contact installers and arrange quotes
  • Once the customer has selected their preferred system you will submit the required forms to TasNetworks

The customer’s pre-approval will expire two months after they have received if they have not progressed their installation.


You will need to submit to TasNetworks a detailed quote. You may use your preferred format as long as it contains all the information we require. We have created a quote template you can use (linked above).

This quote will form a part of the contract in which the customer must agree to in order to participate. If you need to alter the installation after you have submitted the quote then you will need to contact TasNetworks and we may require the quote to be resubmitted. If the installation goes ahead and is significantly different from what the quote stated when it is inspected TasNetworks may decide not pay the subsidy.

Subsidy application form

This form is submitted to TasNetworks with the quote. It contains:

  • Details of the customer installation
  • Details of the customer’s internet connection
  • A list of discussions that we would like you to have with the customer.  More details on these are in the subsidy process and checklist document
  • Confirmation that you have considered all the issues raised in the HAZOPS that you attended in August
  • Conformation that the installation will comply with the requirements in the CEC battery installation guidelines
  • Confirmation that the installation complies with our technical specification

Social Science consent form

The customer will have this form. They may have already completed it if they participated in the University of Tasmania focus group on the 22nd of September.

 Install phase

This phase begins once TasNetworks has approved the quote and sent the customer their participation contract.

This is where you will install the system. This should be done within three months of us approving the quote. If the install will occur after this you need to contact us and inform us.

Commissioning checklist

This checklist confirms that the install has occurred and is as per the initial quote.

Participation agreement

This is the agreement the customer will need to sign to participate in the trial. You should check that the customer has signed the agreement before installing as we will not pay the subsidy without it. TasNetworks will send the customer the agreement once we have approved the quote.

This contract will allow the customer to assign their subsidy to you if that is what they wish.

GridCredits agreement

This is the customer’s agreement with Reposit Power that allows CONSORT to access the battery when we need it. As a Reposit partner installer you will have access to this agreement from Reposit.

Other documents

These documents are provided for information.

Presentation from HAZOPS session

This presentation was given at the HAZOPS session. It introduces the subsidy design and technical requirements.

HAZOPS report

This is the report form the HAZOPS session. It details the key risks and mitigation strategies for this trial.