CONSORT wins the Clean Energy Council’s Community Engagement Award

We are proud to have won the Clean Energy Council’s Community Engagement Award. This award is a recognition of the hard work put in by all the project partners and the Bruny Island community to make this project a success.

One of the unique parts of the CONSORT project is our focus on the customers’ and in particular, their experience of the technology. This is not just their financial or economic outcomes, but includes how they feel about contributing to the local network for the benefit of their neighbours, and how they respond to things like receiving notifications of upcoming peak load events. Our motivation is to understand what makes customers come to trust that the technology we’ve developed is actually acting in their best interest, and what customers perceive as fair compensation for the network company occasionally making use of energy stored in their batteries. The CEC Business Community Engagement Award reflects the value that the industry puts on these considerations.

You can find more information on the CEC’s website.